Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Details II.

Here a just a few more lovely details from our current collection.

From top to bottom: 1992 Comme Des garcons offset 'torn floral' dress next to a 1990's silk ribbon dress by Issey Miyake, 1960's Christian Dior 'Crystal ball buttons' next to a 1970's Ossie clark 'Traffic Light' dress, the black wire darts of a 1990's Versace Atelier jacket next to a 1970's Yves Saint Laurent floral jacket print, the corsetry of a 1990's denim houndstooth Alaïa Biker jacket next to a 1960's orange and gold Chanel tweed 2 piece and finally a 1990's Pucci dress print next to the lace detail of a Victorian Opera coat.

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