Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Ring Leader

This afternoon VA dropped by the Notting Hill salon of Lauren Adriana, fine jeweller and fan of Vintage Academe. Over a cup of earl grey, Lauren, 24, filled us in on her recent appointment at Vogue House,
"I presented my current collection to Carol Woolton, Vogue’s Jewellery Editor,” she told us excitedly. Her beautiful collection clearly impressed, gaining the ambitious jeweller a much coveted mention in a future issue of Vogue. Lauren recalls the meeting saying: “We bonded over our mutual appreciation of modernist jewellery,” Lauren lists her influences as Suzanne Belperron and Raymond Templier amongst others. “I think she also liked the fact that I try to create pieces that can be passed down through generations.”
Lauren's new ‘Couture Collection’ is a selection of delicately encrusted pieces that reference the 1950’s, is the antithesis of the disposable jewellery that so many young designers are quick to churn out today. “When it comes to my personal style I don’t go for fast fashion and the newest trend, I prefer to have a few quality pieces, designer or vintage, and I aim to carry this through into my designs.”

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