Monday, 22 March 2010

Fash - Films

Is anyone else guilty of watching films solely for the fashion content? Yesterday, I celebrated one of the final gasps of winter, (where hibernation is still expectable), by taking residence on the sofa, and entered the Technicolor world of Bob Fosse’s Cabaret. This film is a vintage fashion fantasy, a stylised version of the 1930s, through a 1970s filter, complete with gritty drag references. Cue flared halterneck all-in-ones, oversized furs, floppy brimmed hats, and Liza Minnelli’s imitable green nail varnish. Life is really is a Cabaret.


  1. Cabaret. My number 1 favourite film of all time!!!! Love it. her clothes are amazing. owww i want to watch it now! I was even thinking of this when I was listing my style icons the other day!

  2. the great gatsby. mia farrow and that coat.