Friday, 18 June 2010

Class Act 2010

Last night VA attended the Central Saint Martin's Ba private view, paying particular attention to the Fashion Communication and Promotion pathway, (a few of us here at VA are ex-students of the course). The studio was sweaty and packed with giddy hope for the future, relief that it's finally all over, and the smell of Cobra beer, (the evening’s generous sponsor). Each student in the class of sixteen had to produce their own magazine and a portfolio of fashion and styling work.
Rachel Crowther used her knowledge gained assisting set designer Anna Burns to create a visually heavy magazine focusing on interiors and fashion. Samuel John Weeks brought together his love of sport and menswear, and developed a magazine, 'I DO AIR', artfully combining the two elements. Jessica Sekington chose to focus on girls in music, profiling the likes of Marina and the Diamonds, in her magazine 2020, which can be downloaded as an I-tune app.

Vincent Levy

One of the stand-out magazines was Vincent Levy’s Pygmalion, an ode to the girls he grew up with on a council estate in Hounslow. A comic book obsessed child, Levy’s love for fashion was born form frequent trips accompanying his mum to the local hair dressers in Hounslow, "I would read the magazines because I was bored, I remember staring at a picture of Naomi Campbell, I didn't really understand what she was, I thought she was a comic book hero.”
All the girls in Levy’s magazine have a raw quality, their eyebrows are painted on,their upper-lips are pierced. “I’m more interested in how real girls dress, than fashion people, my school friends take so much pride in the way they dress, I was in awe of them growing up.” Levy’s unique flair for styling is a perfect example of the talent harboured on the FCP course, headed by fashion writer Hywel Davies. We look forward to seeing more of Levy, and the rest of the class of 2010 in the future.

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